Monday, September 17, 2012

iPhone 5 finally in my pocket

You a fan of steve jobs? Collectors Apple products? Or you are both? Maybe the Apple iPhone 5 will be the target of all of you. special products of the apple has been officially launched in the third quarter of 2012. Countries like USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, and other countries may be able to enjoy the greatness of the iPhone 5.

Gadgets 4-inch widescreen has a network of excellence, which has been confirmed using 4G LTE can both achieve up to 100 Mbps downloading speed. More power to the machine that claimed Apple A6 processor 2 times faster than the processor A5. Aided also by the IOS operating system 6 and 3-dimensional maps, making the iPhone 5 as a product that you ought to have. Especially those of you who love apple and steve jobs.

So if you are interested, please contact the apple store nearest you and take home this great gadget for only $ 199 (16 GB), $ 299 (32 GB) and $ 399 (64 GB).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Samsung precede nokia, with the latest windows phone 8

Samsung has become a giant android smartphone with them around the world. While Nokia with Microsoft still can not beat the samsung even though it has windows phone like Nokia Lumia.

But the whole world is shocked by samsung. at the IFA 2012 in Berlin, Samsung introduced their windows phone. No half-hearted, it is a windows phone 8. They even predate Nokia,the new windows phone 8 will introduce them early this september.

But whether this means the use of windows phone samsung will leave google android belong? Since everyone already knew Samsung had just lost a patent lawsuit by Apple and iOS.

The name of this phone is Samsung ATIV S. With width of screen 4,8 inch. 8 MP camera resolution and 1,9 MP face camera. This phone will be new squad to reach the pitch of market. Samsung being the best in the world.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Great war 2012, the android, IOS and windows

Try to check, what is the operating system used by a computer or laptop? Of course most people will say "windows". However, for devices such as smartphones and other smart gadgets, of course, have different answers. Yes, the windows have a strong competitor, namely Android and iOS.

Android is an operating system developed by the internet giant, Google. Through some research eventually Android born and be a liaison between other google products that have worldwide. In addition, Google also took a giant smartphone manufacturer south korea, Samsung. To work together to build a tough market matched by other competitors.

Then there's iOS, works of art and his friend Steve jobs is a masterpiece for most lovers of Apple products. iOS is the operating system that prioritizes the elegant look, but in the practical aspects of the function and still less of Android. But still iOS lovers are spread all over the world.

While the windows began to embrace Nokia to team up a smartphone product that could compete, and of course to restore their heyday began to decline. The latest results of their product is the Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 7.

So it was interesting to see the smartphone world war between the three giants and their allies. Hopefully with the smart Consumer, technology development will grow and can be achieved at an affordable price.

Thursday, September 6, 2012 easy use for blogger

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Indonesia's Got Talent season 2

Still remember you with Klantink, daughter of ayu, brandon, fay nabilla, JP? Yes, they are the stars of Indonesia Got Talent season 1. Now, private television stations will be holding a similar event later. Indonesia got talent season 2.

IGT has proved the star managed to get success in their career. There are successful dancing, singing, to be commercials and movies. Obviously it can help them become better. An example is the champion 1, Klantink. They are singers from the city of Surabaya. Their daily busking on the streets of Surabaya. Until finally they were able to change their lives for the better poor through IGT's event.

What are you waiting, hurry and sign up your talent. So that you can be a star and was able to change your life. Definitely a lot of talent who are ready to offer a contract for you if you are really talented.