Wednesday, January 14, 2009

motion tween

motion tween is a feature in macromedia flash used to create the object motion is more convenient and smooth. In contrast to the way a frame-by-frame is longer and less smooth.

as a local animator, I have a few recipes to simply create motion tween animation. For example, let us try to make a ball that moves with the help of motion tween.

1. first of all, draw a ball to your taste.
2. The next, your ball net ball & make sure you closed the net entirely.
3. Right click on your ball.
4. It will appear after option, and click on "create motion tween"
5. after that click on the frame is a frame from the frame origin of your ball.
6. in the frame, right click and click "insert key frame"
7. after that, move your ball seseka your heart.
8. if so, save your flash content ctrl + s.
9. if you want to see your work, click ctrl + enter.
10. and you have managed to create Flash animation motion tween. Congratulations.


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