Sunday, September 2, 2012

All about blogger and their Activities

Everyone has particularly hobby that is different. Some like writing, reading, outdoor activities, to travel to new places. for some people, having a hobby is writing and provide articles and news to be read by others could be called as a columnist or journalist. But if we do it on a website or blog, then we are Blogger.

Yes, the news on the internet would not exist without the writing. Therefore, some people dedicate himself to writing news. And people who read news would get the information from the written. This will obviously lead to a relationship between writer and reader. Where the author of an article and hope that many who read the article. While readers find the article if they wish to obtain the latest information and news.

For Blogger, article writing is a hobby, but other than that there are other reasons. That is like the famous and visited many blog readers, the second is because of advertising. Yes, the more visitors the blog, the more ads that appear on the blog. The advertisers choose blogs frequented, and will pay to the owner of the blog.

So indirectly, everyone has joined in the internet circles. Provider Ads - Blogger as the author of the article - Reader article as clicking an ad. If all goes well, it is not likely the internet will be more colorful and a lot more ideas and creativity flourish Blogger.

It is my Blogger, how about you think?

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